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Epilation is defined as a process of removing hair from its roots from any portion of the body. The most common methods to epilate are waxing. Nowadays, there re gadgets called epilators that help to epilate which look like electric shavers. One can also use processes like IPL and electrolysis or one can also remove hair using the process of laser process.

best epilator for you

Epilators contain small cutting devices called tweezers. They are mainly provided in the form of attachments and rotate. This rotation mechanism pulls the hair from its roots. For a long time, waxing was the best and the cheapest process of epilating but with the release of epilating devices in the market, they have become a sensation among women. At present, there are a number of brands who compete to provide the most selling and the best epilators in the market. This article deals with the best brands of epilators that are available in the market. They are:

  • BraunThe bestselling epilator in the market is manufactures by the Braun Company. The epilator is named Silk-epil and is used all across the world. The Silk-epil has the best of technologies and is considered to be the most efficient epilator of the Braun products. Moreover, Braun has a range of the most reliable and efficient epilators available in the market. Some of them are Silk epil 7, Silk epil 1, Silk epil 3 and Silk epil 5. Moreover, the Silk epil 7 is the first of the epilators which can act not only in dry conditions, but also in wet conditions like when a person is in the shower. The latest products are not only thye best epilators present in the market, but also the ones that ensure the removal of the shortest of hairs and the smoothest skin possible
  • Remington
    This company is also counted as among the most reputed manufactures of epilators. It has innovative designs that ensure the smoothest processes. The heads provided by the Remington epilators provide its customers with the best tweezers technology and ensure a very smooth shave. The heads are also highly flexible and tend to adjust itself according to the curves of the body. This ensures the user the smoothest hairless skin for weeks. Moreover, Remington was the first company to have epilators that had inbuilt LED light that helps the user to spot the tiniest fragment of hair left on the skin. The products from Remington are as good as they are worth and they are highly reliable.
  • Emjoi
    Another top competition for epilator brands is the is Emjoi. Their latest product is the first epilating device produced for the use of men and is named Emoji AP-18MS Epilator. This particular model also has a twin that is meant for females which doesn’t include a trimmer and a shaver; something which is very important for a man. It is known that more the number of tweezers, better the epilating process. The Emoji product has the highest number of tweezers among all other brands. The men’s version contains 72 tweezers that has the power and the ability to remove the tougher and thicker hair men have on their body. Also, due to the large amount of tweezers, it removes more hair than the ordinary epilators which have an average of 40 tweezers. They not only have metal plates, but also interchangeable shaver and trimmer heads that make it easier to undergo the epilating process. This not only makes it highly efficient, but also money worthy for its various users.
  • Philips
    Philips is quite a renowned company all over the world and now it has come into the epilator market. The epilators they produce are quite reliable, efficient and fast. A shave from a Philips epilator leaves the skin hair free and smooth for a long time. They have specialized grips which makes gripping and using the epilator much more comfortable. Moreover, the epilator heads can be washed, providing with a much healthier epilating process. The best epilator produced by Philips is the Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6581/00 Wet & Dry Epilator.
  • Panasonic
    Another company that is reckoned worldwide for its electronic gadgets. The epilators produced are more customer-oriented and get the best feedbacks from them. Speculatively, their latest creation, the Panasonic ES-WD94P is considered the best among all other epilators. Though the epilators produced by Panasonic are expensive, they provide their customers with extra attachments that help them to epilate in the most difficult portions of their bodies.

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