5 Things to Consider while buying the Best Epilator for You

In this age, looks matter a lot. There is a saying, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Nowadays, people judge others by their look and outward presentation rather than their inner qualities. Presentation includes the way one looks, how one dresses and how one behaves in gatherings.


Skin plays an important role in making a person look good. As everyone knows, there are a number of beauty products that only relates to skin, be it treating skin lesions or making one fairer. Everything is done to make one more presentable than they seem they are. Though these things are important to both guys and girls, still, girls are much more conscious about their looks. Most of the females prefers using these products to take care of their skin.

One of the processes that not only take care of the skin, but is also mainly used for removing body hair is Epilation. In this article, we’ll learn about the pretties that should be seen in an epilator. These are the 5 qualities that are most for a person to look for in an epilator before buying it:

  • Power and Working Conditions 

    The power of the epilator and how it works is one of the most important things that should be seen in a good epilator. Firstly, it is known that epilators work their best on dry skin that is in dry conditions. On the other hand, there are some highly reputed companies that make epilators that can be used in showers too, i.e., waterproof epilators.

    These models basically cost a bit more than the simply dry versions. The main advantage of waterproof epilators are that, since they can be used in water, one does not need to buy and lubricate the body with special cream to reduce the pain and make the epilation process smooth. Wet epilators have a special safety property; it automatically stops working when it encounters live current. That means, one cannot plug it and use it at the same time. It needs to be charged and then used.

    On the other hand, power system in epilators can be corded as well as cordless. Cordless Epilators work on batteries, which have to be replaced as soon as it stops working. Corded epilators are usually rechargeable. On an average, it is seen that corded rechargeable epilators last longer than the battery operated cordless epilators.

  • Tweezers and Special caps 

    One of the most important parts of the epilator is its tweezers, the working unit of epilators. Epilators are available having one tweezer as well as multiple tweezers. Emojoi Emagine is the epilator having the maximum number of tweezers, 72 in number. More tweezers mean much more working surface area covered in a single pass. Thus, more the number of tweezers, better and faster the epilating process. On the other hand, more the number of tweezers, more the number of hairs are pulled out in a single pass, thus more pain.tweeser

    The remedy to this pain resides in the epilating head. There are a few companies that offer a special massaging head to ease off the pain. What these special massage heads do is that, before and after the tweezers take the hair out from the root, they massage the skin around the hair. Though it still involves a certain level of pain, but the massage lowers the initial level significantly.

  • Usage and Comfort 

    For every type of product, one needs to first analyze the use and the working comfort of the product. First, let us discuss use. In case of epilators, one needs to see how efficiently a product can remove the hair. Next comes the location or body part from which hair is to be removed. Efficiency of the product depends on the power and number of tweezers, mentioned in the earlier points.

    To remove hair from different portions of the body, one needs to have different head attachments. It can be rightly said that the head that smoothly remover hair from the leg, cannot do the same if one needs to remove hair from their armpits. Sometimes, one needs to use it on the face. For this, a much more delicate and precise epilator should be used.

    Another important aspect is comfort. One can be never be satisfied with a product that does not bring comfort to them when they use it. Epilating is a long process, thus the epilator should have a comfortable holding style, so that the hand does not ache only by holding it for too long. Moreover, it also should not be heavy. Massaging heads bring more comfort to the skin during the epilation process, thus they are much more comfortable.

  • Price 

    An epilator should be priced properly. One should see if the chosen epilator they want to get is within their price range or budget. Epilators can cost as low as $30. These are some standard epilators but there are much better quality products. On an average, Epilators costing $100 on an average are not only quite affordable, but of very good quality. They can be used easily and works quite efficiently. Basically, the whole matter is, more the comfort level and features a client asks for, more is the cost of the epilator.

  • Bonus Material 

    This is basically something extra offered with the epilators, and are usually free. Big companies like Panasonic and Braun offer a number of extra products with the main package to make the deal more attractive. Some of the extra material are:

    • Wet Wipes: Wet wipes are special wet cloth type material which brings relief to the skin after the epilation process.
    • Ice Gloves / Towels: Same as wet wipes, but provides with a cool sensation. Again, this product reduces the pain substantially. This also lubricates the skin and makes it glow.
    • Various lotions: Sometimes lotions and creams need to be applied to the skin to make the epilation process more comfortable and smoother. Moreover, some creams are to be applied after the process to make the skin glow and look smooth.

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