Braun Epilator 7681 Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro Review

Braun-Epilator-7681Hair removal or Epilation is a process of removing unwanted hair from the various parts using conservative methods like threading, waxing, traditional razors, creams, etc which are time consuming and are Harmful to The Skin. These methods have a lot of side-effects and issues, with these facts in mind few manufacturers started producing epilators which are very comfortable and do the right job with acute importance. One such manufacturer is Braun, a pioneer in manufacturing products that would suit self-wellness.Epilators are electronic machines that are small and compact which work on batteries, it removes hairs from the body and face easily and effectively.

It is having good results compared to other manual methods followed. It is a one time investment that keeps out the time wasted in women saloon for hours together. Braun is a worldwide well known company, which produces epilators now and then with great upgrades and uses.

Each series comes up with a difference from the previous and the graph still goes up when focused on the number of purchases. Very innovative and creative thoughts are put together which keenly analyze the user problems and rectifies with the very next product in the series, which is a key factor that helps Braun in being the leading seller of epilators.

Braun Epilator 7681 Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro – Features:

7-feat-best-performanceThis epilator has 40 tweezers which helps in removing even small strands of hair, the smallest hair which cannot be removed through threading or hair-removal cream also can be removed using this epilator. The epilator runs very close to the skin which removes the hair follicles right from its roots. It has pivoting heads which goes through the skin at ease. It can be cleaned very easily and can be washed. It can be cleaned with water and it doesn’t affect The Best Epilator.

ph-silk-epil-7-7681-feat-better-convenience-x-cdn-en-1 It has a light that supports along which helps in noticing the hair removal easily. It has the speed personalization which can be adjusted according to the user for own customization. It can be used on dry skin or as well as wet skin, which makes it ideal for using it while taking a shower. This also promises that the skin is left smooth without any marks like that of waxing does. It doesn’t leave visible marks and leaves a cute smoothness. The skin remains hairless and smooth for about 4 weeks, since it removes the follicles from roots.

Braun Epilator 7681 Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro – The Benefits & Usage:

Braun_Silk_Epil_7_7681WD_NormalThis Epilator works really well with a battery and is also rechargeable, this helps in charging the epilator easily in an hour, and it is very easy to use and compact to carry around during travel, lesser in weight and light in usage. This epilator includes 4 different attachments that have various uses, it includes a shaver head which shaves the legs and hands easily, it has a trimmer cap which just trims away the hair and leaves it all in the same size.

It has a facial cap which helps in using it in the face region which is made of delicate skin relatively, also it is important to take much care in the face for not leaving a mark. This makes this facial cap very special, this cap is useful for women as they usually suffer from unwanted hair around the lips, neck and below the ears area. This cleans off the unwanted hair and also leaves no mark on it, this gives a clean face and is ideal to use at any time. It has a sensitive area cap which can be used in sensitive regions of the body like the private areas.

This makes this epilator very convenient and can be used in any area except the eyebrows in face. It is convenient as it is cordless and the speed can be set according to the user’s convenience.

Braun Epilator 7681 Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro – Minor Issues:

Skin types differ with each, there are few who have very sensitive skin which falls a prey to most of issues. This epilator might leave an acute pain on those sensitive skins, it is widely known that most of them feel this pain during the first usage and with frequent use, the pain subsides. So it is better not to judge the product just with the first time use.

It is always advisable and recommended to use this epilator in a small region on the legs and wait for hours or a day to see the difference it makes in the skin and then to continue. It is important not to use this product on hurt areas or anywhere that has a mark on it with accidents or other reasons.

The sound it create while using is one such issue, which leaves a disgusting note in general. It doesn’t sound pleasant and it makes it obvious that the epilator is used, which is not expected from most of the women. These are minor issues which are expected to be rectified with the next product of the series.

Why to use this product?

For its great close-grip technology, the 5 caps and usages that helps in removing most of the hair. It helps in removing small hairs that cannot be removed even by waxing. It can be used during travel and takes less time than those of wasted in parlours. It is one of the best products out and it also helps with a massaging system. It uses the hair lift technology to remove off the hair easily.

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A lot of positive reviews are seen over in the internet and customer ratings are 4 to 5 stars which talks for it. The caps help in varied usage and also the Massaging System gives soothing and leaves the skin well shining. Best product that is necessary for every woman, it can be used widely by most woman without any issues. It is a one-time investment and totally pocket friendly.

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