Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White

Braun has introduced their new wet and dry epilator that is able to remove shortest and finest hairs from the body and makes skin smooth and even. It is basically a cordless hair remover machine, which can remove unwanted hair from your body and the whole process occurs painlessly. Actually Braun has assured the way they make it, its advance technology is able to reduce any irritation or pain, so that users can easily trim or remove the hair. As it is wet and dry epilator, so with this tool, one is able to remove dry and wet hair. Hair removal process is very comfortable and trouble-free, so users can try this tool without any hesitation.

About the Product

While you buy this product, you would get a kit, where a trimmer cap, a shaver head, a sensitive area cap, an efficiency cap and a facial cap is included. Each and every item is essential for hair removing for different areas of the body. These items are specially designed for the users, so that they effortlessly accomplish hair removal process and get smother skin tone. Once you shave your hair with this epilator, you would see, rate of natural hair growth is reduced.

Basic Description about the Hair Removal Tools

Following tools are attached with this kit.

Head shaver: Head shaver is the tool that has been attached with this epilator. And while it is attached, epilator transforms it into head shaver. With it, you are able to shave your hair easily. It is driven by electricity.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White the best epilatorA trimmer cap: If anyone wants to trim hair, he or she can do it with the help of trimmer cap. It is a separate item that has to be attached on the head shaver. And while you fix it over head shaver, your perfect trimmer is ready to trim your hair. Actually it is used to shorten the length of the hair before shave.

An efficiency cap: If you are willing to finish this process quickly, you should use efficiency cap. The way efficiency cap has been made, it can maintain maximum skin attachment and this tool is able to turn 15 degree back and onward on the basis of body contour line. So it makes the process bit faster and removes hair efficiently.

A sensitive area cap: If you are looking for suitable razor which helps to remove unwanted hairs from your sensitive area, you should try Braun SE7681 Silk-epilator 7 Wet and Dry Epilator. As with this kit, you would get a sensitive area cap, and with it, you are able to remove unwanted hairs. Even underarms, bikini line hairs also be removed with the help of this tool.

A facial cap: A facial cap is included with this kit. It is a narrow, sensitive cap which can remove your facial fine, short unwanted hairs. It does not rotate like efficiency cap. So users can seamlessly carry on facial hair removal procedure.

Extra Accessories that have been Provided with the Kit

A waterproof bag: This product has been presented with a waterproof bag. And while you purchase it, you would see everything is kept inside the bag, in organized way. So it is good option for the travelers. They can travel with this kit.

A charger: In order to charge the tool, a charger is provided with it.

16 Olay pre epilation wipes: This is specially created for the users. Before epilating, they must apply it on the skin to make it relax.

Basic Feature of this Hair Remover

Speed controller: Soft and fast option is motioned on the tool, so as per users’ convenience, they should regulate the speed of the hair remover and finish epilating process.

SoftLift Tips: With the help of the tweezers, finest and smallest hairs to be removed effectively. Flat- lying hairs can also be efficiently shaved with the soft life tips.

High-Frequency Massage: During the process of hair removal, you may feel pain. But just for the high frequency message, you can’t sense plucking sensation and your entire plucking experience would be comfortable and relaxing.

Wet & Dry: With it you can remove dry and wet hair. Actually warm water increases blood circulation, so while you use warm water, it automatically makes it more comfortable. This tool is specially customized in such way, that the users can use it during bath time. Besides it can be used in dry environment also.

Close-Grip Technology: Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 wet and Dry Epilator is perfect hair remover through which one can easily remove his/ her unwanted hairs from the body. Even this razor is convenient option for the sensitive area also. With the help of this close grip technology, anyone is able to remove hair painlessly. Even 0.5 mm finest hair can also be plucked with it. 40 tweezers make sure better hair removal.

Smartlight: It focuses the finest and smallest hairs. So that users can remove it smoothly.

Pivoting Head: Maximum 15 degree move forward and move back can be possible to get better epilation.

Once you shave, you have got even skin up to 4 weeks. As pre-epilation wiper is there, it does not create any irritation during the time of plucking. It is so efficient that in a one stroke, you will be able to achieve smoother skin. You can use it up to 40 minutes after 1 hour full charge.

Therefore users can try this product for hair plucking. It gives you painless plucking experience. This is good alternative for the users.

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Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White the best epilator

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