Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator Review

Braun-SE7681Epilation is a process of hair removal and the methods used to achieve the best results. According to the genital structure and hereditary, both men and women have hair grown in a few areas of their body. Especially in women, who looks over for staying beautiful, it is expected to go through the hair removal process which is also considered as wellness for cultural, sexual and medical reasons. There are many methods for this hair removal process including waxing, shaving and other hair removal creams, which has a few issues and side effects.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator is one of the effective methods in the current times that assist in removing even the smallest hairs on the skin, which usually the other methods miss; this epilator promise up to removal 0.5mm hair which amazes the other possible method users. There are 40 tweezers in this Braun silk Epilators which ensures the removal of hair thoroughly. This also works efficiently in dry skin as well as wet skin, according to the preferences of the user. It uses close-grip technology and is designed with a pivoting head, which facilitates the process of hair removal with total comfort.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Pros

There are various advantages and good features of Braun silk Epil 7, since it can be used in both wet and dry modes; it works well on the body surface. Most of the users recommend in using this product during a shower or after shower since it proves to be much painless when included as part of the shower. It also has additional light, which helps the user to make effective use of it. It is battery driven and also it stays much longer than other products available. The most important point of using this product is the promise of smoothness; this product removes hair from the roots and leaves immense smoothness on the skin like never before. This Best Epilator has various accessories such as a facial cap, efficiency cap and also a sensitive area cap. Additionally, trimmer and shaving heads, which are perfect for every user. It is cordless as well and once charged it would work up till 40 minutes in one go. The time it consumes for charging the battery is hardly an hour. It has a good set of accessories, that makes it the first choice to be used even in public sensitive regions.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Cons:

There are few issues that come along with Braun silk Epic which is quiet frowning for the users, such as the noise, it makes an vast noise that lets the lot of people at home to know that one is using this epilator, its quiet disgusting and also personally it doesn’t sound good for the person using it. The time it takes is really painful, as in common, most users comment that it would take almost 10 minutes to shave one leg. Which is whooping a lot of time from the schedule; this does, let’s down the user to a greater extent. It is also slow in movement, which is one of the reasons for the time consumption. Once done, though the skin looks shiny and is super soft than ever before, the hurt it leaves behind is terrible according to the endurance of a person. It hurts for a longer time than other methods do, which is sometime turning unbearable for few users. This epilator does not remove all hair in a region in one go, it takes round of Epilation to remove the hair. This is such a great let down to this product.

Why Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator?

Though there are debates going around for this Braun Silk 7 Epilator jotting down its pros and cons, reading reviews all around, there are few impeccable reasons for one to definitely include this compact hair remover in the to-buy list and take it wherever one goes. Though it doesn’t really fit in one’s budget, for the worth of it, it can be considered for sure to be a one time investment. This definite forms an integral part of women’s life easily, rather than using skin itching creams to remove unwanted hairs or to book appointments once in every two weeks to have a painful waxing sessions. This proves to be a much better method with great accessories that makes it an ideal product. The various caps and other accessories prove to be a wonderful companion to the product user, with the trusted reviews and frequent buyer’s list, there is a definite nod from college students and working women, for the comfort it proves. All these good effects of this Braun Silk Epil 7 epilator, does ensure good will and the number of buyers are increasing exponentially.

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Braun has proven to be one of the pioneers in bringing up awesome product that proves to be totally effective with care for women skin and health. In comparison with the previous series from Braun, this Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator looks very promising and fulfills all the loopholes that the other series had. The latest being looked upon for its dual usage while dry as well as wet, with the smoother effect it leaves on the skin, it has turned out to be really fine than other similar products in market. The 40 tweezers promise to remove the hair that is even as small as the grains of sands are, it is much appreciated-able from the customer standpoint. Brings in the convenience of being cordless, rechargeable batteries and less time consuming to get charged, the smart light that helps in not missing some small hairs over the skin and the 5 super attachments are astounding. Personalizing speed control brings individuality and is promising to every type of customer. It is applicable to any type of skin and region, every cap ensures for doing the best part of it. The biggest plus point of this epilator the usage of underwater pushes the bars of highly recommended product.

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