Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violet

If you are ashamed of facial hair or does not have the time to go to the salon, the answer is Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer head Epilator. The process is so simple and it works so efficiently that one can easily switch to this product from the old conventional methods.

Unwanted hair makes someone feel low at social gatherings and among friends whereas silky gorgeous skin makes people stare at you mesmerized. As most women would prefer the latter thought, this product can get all the looks one desires. As people are very busy in day today routine, spending hours in salon is very impractical whereas spending fifteen minutes with oneself can be easily affordable.

The Emagine epilator has brought about a new revolution for women to look gorgeous always. This Epilator has certain features which makes it distinct among the others.

The Features are:

  • 72 Tweezer heads– This product has 72tweezer heads so that efficiency level is very high and repeated cleaning is not required. One tweezer disc that is fixed works simultaneously with other 2 discs which are movable (open and close).   72 heads function in such a way that not a single hair is left unplucked and radius of the disc being 17 mm which provides ample space for cleaning. Emjoi is known for its special “Glide Technology” which lifts the hair and helps the tweezers to glide over the skin to bring about the exact silky texture without any kind of skin irritation.
  • Dual-opposed staggered heads- This is the most innovative feature of this Emagine Epilator. The dual Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violetopposed heads cover more surface area and thus removing hair becomes more fast and efficient in one go.
  • “Middle Lifting fingers”- This is a remarkable feature of Emagine Epilator to remove ingrown hair. As the prominent hairs are easily removed, the ingrown hair removals are painful and time consuming. But with this “middle lifting fingers”, this process gets as easy as possible because it can remove short and flat hairs of the skin leaving it beautiful. The skin is hair free for six weeks with this product.
  • Curved Shape- The shape of this product is designed in such a way that it easy to grip so that covering delicate regions of face such as upper lip and chin is easy. This also helps in covering the natural curves of the body easily. This product is capable of removing hair up to 0.5mm of length and thus not a single hair is left untouched.
  • Antimicrobial Protection- This product has the goodness of Silver Ion Technology which prevents any kind of bacterial infection or rashes while removing the hair. Thus it is a very safe product for those who bear a sensitive skin also.
  • User friendly- This product is user friendly firstly because of its handle which is ergonomically engineered to guide it anywhere on the body. Its versatility varies from removing tough hair on legs and under arms to delicate hairs of the face. Its functionality is defined in such a way that it does not damage the skin or leave any aftereffect of hair removal what so ever portion of the body is covered.  This Emagine Epilator brings about a total change of outlook among women. Last but not the least, is the dual speed control which makes every experience different from the other.
  • Chargeable – This product needs a plug in for recharging batteries and thus does not harass its customers in search of new batteries.

This Emjoi AP-18R Emagine epilator can be bought with a period of 30-day money back guarantee.

The Product Details are:

  • Manufacturer-Emjoi
  • Department-Electronics other –Home And Health Accessories
  • Product Dimensions-5*1.5*5 inches
  • Weight-1.4 pounds
  • com Sales Rank-12420

This product costs $75 with free shipping which takes two days. The color of this product is violet.

The customers who buy this Emagine Epilator also buy these 2 products to make the entire process very smooth and easy to use.Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violet

  1. Emjoi AP-9AE After Epilation Cream- This product costs about $10 and a two-day shipping free. This product is enriched with Aloe-vera and Lanolin which soothes and nourishes the skin. After any epilation, though there is no irritation from this product, yet the skin requires something to soothe and calm it. Application of this pink Epilation Cream not only relaxes the skin but also slows down the growth of hair.
  2. Emjoi 100V-240V Power cord which is helpful for Epilator AP-18, AP-18R and AP 18MS. This costs around $20.If a person is travelling from one place to another ,this power cord is very useful to avoid burning of the Epilator in case the main power supply is 100 to240v.

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