Tips for How to Use an Epilator

Epilator is one of the most important gadgets a woman use. They are used to remove hair from the body via a mechanical trimmer. Other than epilators, one can wax or shave. Still, epilating is one of the most efficient methods to remove body hair. Some women, who are beginners to this gadget, have problems using it. This article talks about how best to use an epilator. Here are some of the basic steps and some special tricks to be kept in mind while using an epilator:

  • Skin exfoliation is the first step one should take before epilating. One must exfoliate before they epilate. Either on the day before, or on the day of epilation. It is very important to epilate on dry skin. That ensures that all the hair will be removed from the root. Showers are also advised, as they help to open up the pores of the skin and make the hair softer. One can easily use a regular scrubber or a loofah to exfoliate. Sometimes, coarse scrubbers make the epilating process easier.body scrub
  • It is advised to epilate sometime before one plans to show off their smooth skin. As in one can epilate the night before or the day before they want to show off. The reason is that after epilating, the skin usually forms a reddish hue. As the tweezers pull off the hair from the root, the hair follicles redden a bit. Slowly, the skin gets used to this process and later on, it doesn’t get affected much.


  • It is quite important to hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle from the skin. This helps to pull off each and every hair from the skin. Moreover, one must always move the epilator against the direction in which he hair is. Also, one must keep the epilator as close to the skin as possible. Sometimes, one needs to go over a certain area of skin more than once to take off all the hair. It is quite hard to pull off hair if the skin is wrinkled. So, one needs to stretch the skin at the places they want to epilate for the best result. For difficult places, using the mirror is the most efficient way. For example, the back side of legs or the hand is difficult to see. For these reasons, using a mirror is important.90 degree angle
  • Epilating process involves tearing off the hair from the root, thus, it can be said that is quite a painful process. In these cases, one can use ice packs after epilating to comfort the skin. Using ice packs basically numb the skin and lessen the pan to an extent. A regular user doesn’t feel the pain after a point of time but for beginners, using ice packs make it a much less painful process. If one doesn’t have an ice pack, they can easily use ice-wrap it up in towels.


  • It is easier to epilate when the hair is shorter than when they are longer. If a woman has grown the hair a bit longer than usual, it is advised to first shave off the hair and then start epilating. This ensures total removal of hair.braun-tweezer1
  • Sometimes, beginners end up with stubbles when they epilate initially. There is nothing to worry about this as this is a normal occurrence. As one regularly epilates, they start having better results and in no time, end up with smooth skin, without any stubbles.


  • The epilating process takes a longer time than shaving or waxing, but it is more efficient. So, it is important to start the epilating process when one has enough time to finish it.moisturiser-after-pilation

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